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Resilience in Neurodegeneration - from the model to the patient to the population

The Centre for Transdisciplinary Neurosciences Rostock (CTNR, Neurozentrum Rostock) bundles the local scientific activities of neurosciences to improve the visibility and outcomes of the University Medical Centre in the field. The centre represents one of the three main scientific areas (Forschungsschwerpunkte) at the University Medical Centre Rostock.

MASTER THESIS PROJECTS at Lund University Medical Faculty

June 2021

The CTNR is currently implementing a new international cooperation with the Lund University (Sweden) - the United Neuroscience Campus (UNC) Lund – Rostock – with experts from the Swedish Neuroscience community like Per Odin (Neurology), Angela Cenci Nilsson (Basal Ganglia Pathophysiology) and Oskar Hansson (Clinical Memory Research). The cooperation starts with a connection between the CTNR and the MultiPark (Multidisciplinary research focused on Parkinson´s disease).

The overarching strategic goals of the United Neuroscience Campus Lund - Rostock initiative are the promotion of young researchers, internationalisation, increasing the visibility of the community, and stimulating international collaborative research projects and publications. The planned measures are student/doctoral exchange programmes, bilateral events and special supports.

Prof. Angela Cenci Nilsson is now kick-starting the Lund-Rostock exchange already from this autumn by the offer to host some master students from Rostock in the field of neuropharmacology and neuroscience.

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