Exchange Activities

August 2023

Meike Statz
Doctoral Researcher
Collaborative Research Centre 1270 'ELAINE'
3 months research exchange, funded by Travel Grants of the German Research Foundation
Home institution: Neurology, Rostock (A. Storch)
Host institution: Experimental Medical Science, Lund (A. Cenci-Nilsson)


June 2023

Kathleen Weinreben (Physiotherapist)
4 days study visit, exchange of knowledge about assessments and treatments of patients with Parkinson disease, funded by CTNR/UNC (Rostock site)
Home institution: Neurology, Rostock (A. Storch)
Host institution: Health Sciences, Lund (Maria H Nilsson)

In June, Kathleen Weinreben, Physiotherapist from the University Medicine Rostock (Neurology) stayed in Lund for a four-day study to exchange knowledge about assessments and treatments of patients with Parkinson disease. 

She was hosted by Maria Nilsson, Associate Professor in Physiotherapy and member of the United Neuroscience Campus Lund-Rostock. Maria presented the Swedish National guidelines for physiotherapy in Parkinson’s disease, the PD guidelines by the National Board of Health and Welfare and her research.

The following day, Kathleen particpated at testing research patients at the Memory Clinic in Malmö. On the third day, there was a visit to an outpatient clinic (rehabilitation) at Skåne University Hospital in Lund and to Gerdahallen, an exercise facility that also takes care of people with Parkinson’s disease. The last day consisted of a stay at an outpatient clinic (neurology) at Skåne University Hospital and meetings with a physiotherapist during a follow-up visit after DBS surgery and the UNC coordinator Stina Jonasson to talk about the structure of the Swedish Parkinson Academy.

During her stay, Kathleen presented the current treatments of PD and the neuroscience infrastructure in Rostock.

The stay was funded by the CTNR/UNC (Rostock site). A big thank you to Maria and Stina for the invitation and organisation on Lund-site.


Planned 2023

Carin Janz
Doctoral Researcher
Research stay
Home institution: Neurology, Lund (P. Odin)
Host institution: Neurology, Rostock (A. Storch)



Carin Janz 
Research project participant at Neurology, Lund
Supervisor: Per Odin (Lund)
Co-Supervisor: Alexander Storch (Rostock)