Exchange Activities


Rostock → Lund

June 2023

Kathleen Weinreben
5 days, exchange of knowledge about assessments and treatments of patients with Parkinson disease, funded by CTNR
Home institution: Neurology, Rostock (A. Storch)
Host institution: Health Sciences, Lund (Maria H Nilsson)


Meike Statz
Doctoral Researcher
Collaborative Research Centre 1270 'ELAINE'
3 months research exchange, funded by Travel Grants of the German Research Foundation
Home institution: Neurology, Rostock (A. Storch)
Host institution: Experimental Medical Science, Lund (A. Cenci-Nilsson)

Lund → Rostock


Carin Janz 
Research project participant at Neurology, Lund
Supervisor: Per Odin (Lund)
Co-Supervisor: Alexander Storch (Rostock)