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The United Neuroscience Campus offers scientists, clinicians and employees various opportunities to gain experiences from two neuroscience communities.

    Opportunities for Researchs Group Leaders

    UNC Membership

    We cordially invite independent research group leaders from Lund and Rostock with a focus on neuroscience research to join the United Neuroscience Campus. Members will benefit from the UNC networking activities and programmes.

    Membership Application Form

    Starting a new collaboration

    If you want to develop a new UNC collaboration, please convey your desire to do so to a member of our UNC Board who then acts as a bridge between the two groups to open an active dialogue.

    Furthermore, the UNC supports the planning of first workshops of the interested parties of both locations, where the projects are presented and the collaboration potential can be identified, and concrete next steps established. If you have your own workshop idea, submit a short proposal to the UNC Board and we will realise it together.

    Any specific activity between two or more academic or staff members from Lund and Rostock in the field of neurosciences respectively is welcome.

    Opportunities for Master students

    Master Thesis Projects

    • Chose your MultiPark (Lund) or CTNR (Rostock) working group and ask for open project opportunities
    • Have a look at our open positions

    Opportunities for PhD students

    Mutual Co-supervisor for PhD thesis

    • Chose your Co-Supervisor for your thesis from the UNC Community (special requirements for Lund supervisors)
    • The Co-Supervisor has to sign the Doctoral Supervision Agreement (for Rostock students)

    Research stays in Lund and Rostock

    Visit a Lab or Institute for a research stay in Lund or Rostock financed by:

    Project funding

    To do research in Rostock, you will have the opportunitiy to apply for a position as a Medical Scientist within the Rostock Academy of Science or the CTNR Young Neuroscientist Programme. The financial support is used to give medical scientists (non-physician, medical researchers in theoretical, preclinical and clinical subjects, as well as non-medical researchers in other natural/life/engineering/social science fields) the opportunity to create preliminary work for grant applications or to complete the doctorate.

    Opportunities for Clinicians

    Clinician Scientist Programmes

    Within the Rostock Academy of Science you can apply for a Clinician Scientist position

    • with fully funded specialist training time and two-year research protected time in Rostock.
    • in Neurosciences with a two-year funded research protected time in Rostock.

    More information.

    Opportunities for Staff

    Higher Education (teaching staff)

    If you work in higher education, you can spend time teaching at an institution in Lund or Rostock within the ERASMUS+ programme.


    To do research in Rostock:

    To do research in Lund: